How to Train Your Dog?

Have you recently welcomed a new furry member? Are you concerned about the behaviorism? Would you like your dog to serve your needs instead of being trained to serve its needs? One approach to this can be attending the professional training class that grooms your dog perfectly. Not everyone can attend the classes owing to the busy professional and personal schedule.

How to train your dog then?

There are many approaches attached to dog training. You need to do some research on the type of training to be given to your pooch. The training should perfectly complement the breed. The base of training starts with building a good relationship with your pooch. A comfortable and happy pooch learns quickly.

Here is how you can train your dog comfortably without fuming up the anxiety levels:

  • Make your Dog Comfortable

Before beginning with the training process, it is important for you need to condition and pamper your pooch for it.  The dogs get anxious easily and therefore it is important to ensure your dog’s comfortable approach. Pat him on the back and encourage him for the training session.

  • Tell Him What You Want Him To Do

Some things happen naturally and the dos respond well to the instincts and instructions. Instead of telling him “no”, tell your dog what you want him to do. Although it takes time for the dogs to get trained well, it is indeed worth it.  Ask him to sit and tell him what to do is the best thing to avoid confusion and improve interaction.

  • Give him a Good name

For holding the attention during the training, you will need a name to call him, and here you can utilize your creativity to name him. The name should have clear and loud songs so that the dog can recognize easily. Use your dog’s name often during the training session. If he responds actively at your mere utterance of the word, you know he has learned something new. Praise him when he responds well.

  • Choose proper Equipment

A flat or martingale collar is something you will need for starting the training.  You can consult an expert trainer for using other equipment like promise leader, No pull, or a metal training collar. For puppies consider using equipment that is not harsh while the larger ones require specialized equipment.

  • Be Consistent

Consistency is the first thing in training. Once the momentum gets broke, it becomes challenging to start from where you left. Every member who understands the need for specialized training must be on board with his training goals.

This way you can train him for the basic actions like sit, heel, changing directions, stay and come.  Keep training sessions brief but consistent. Patience and practice go hand in hand in promoting the overall growth of your pooch.

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