5 Things To Pack For Your Dog Boarding Stay In El Paso Texas

Have you forgotten to pack your dog’s bag engrossed in packing your stuff for the vacation? Well, not to worry about. It is important to pack important items for a comfortable stay of your dog at boarding. Organized packing is the perfect way of saving enough time and to find only the necessary items in your pooch’s bag.

Although boarding is equipped with all important facilities but any add on apart from that is always welcomed for your pet to enjoy the boarding experience at its maximum. Here is the list of items you can pack for your dog for boarding:

Identification Proof

Everyone wants an up to date information for your dog’s boarding stay. Identification is the symbol of dog’s ownership. The Id tag should contain all the important information like owner’s name, address and Phone number. In case, your contact number is unreachable, you can add alternative number. You can even mention your neighbors’ number as after you it they whom your pooch is familiar with.


Although some boarding facilities offer their food but it will be a sane thing to pack extra organic dog food just in case your schedule of arrival gets delayed. In such a situation, you will want to make sure that your pet has enough food to last until you return. And it will be the last thing anyone can desire for the undemanding family member.


There are times when your dog may prefer enjoying his own company rather than playing with other dogs in boarding center. Packing his most favorite toys will be ideal thing to do as the things which one can familiarize with are the best company. It will help them fight anxiety and adapt to the new environment.


When away, what will bother you the most will be your pet’s timely intake of medicines. Acquaint the boarders with the dosages and the time for the dog to take medicine along with amount and schedule. Pack emergency medicines along with the regular ones just as a precaution measure.

Familiar Scent

Leaving your dog with something familiar is always a good idea. You might be away but your scent in the cloth will help your dog feel composed and relaxed. Thus, packing your essence along with other items is advisable for their soothing stay at boarding.

Make your trip a memorable one along with your dog’s, pack all important items for their comfortable stay at dog boarding center El Paso Texas.

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