My name is Ray Campell. I have been an avid dog lover my entire life. My earliest memories as a child include taking in stray dogs and nursing them to health.

Unfortunately, my parents would never let me keep them for long, so we would donate them to a rescue shelter. My experiences with these helpless animals were the beginning of a lifelong dedication to the care and love of dogs.

One of my first jobs as a teenager was assisting a professional dog groomer. I was meticulously trained and my passion for dog grooming grew immensely. After I had enough experience and knowledge, I opened the first Pet Heroes Dog Grooming on the Westside of El Paso; and a few years later, I was delighted to open my second location on the Eastside of El Paso. All Pet Heroes Dog

Groomers are rigorously trained and monitored to provide the best grooming experience for our precious dog clients. I have been blessed to have many returning customers that have relied on us to professionally and lovingly groom their dogs.

I have many plans for the future that include opening more locations in El Paso. My plans also include building a dog sanctuary for fostering and adopting. Along with my groomers, I pride myself in the proper and careful grooming of all breeds of dogs. Not only have I dedicated my time to this practice, but also, my life.

Our Philosophy Is To Provide Quality Service To all

Our philosophy is simple, give our clients both dog and human, the best service and care possible. Our well-trained staff members will provide professional quality dog grooming services that do not discriminate against any type of dog! We except aggressive dogs to calm dogs. Our groomers have many years of experience dealing with all types of dogs and can deal with any type of behavior.

Our Mission To Save Unwanted Dogs

Our News Years resolution this year is to save as many unwanted dogs as possible by finding great loving homes for them. We will begin a fund to support our effort that everyone can participate in. We will also create a sanctuary for these unfortunate pets.